Valian Gods

Living in the Shadow

Deep in the Shadow of Darkvale stands a tower. It is said that the God of the Valian calls this tower his own. Many Valian live in and around the tower, but none have ventured to the top floor. Though, many make a pilgrim up the Grey Steps to leave offerings at His door in hopes he will bless them. The Valian call him Sorath Theliel. Sometimes the blessed hear the Whispers of his presence behind The Door, and those lucky chosen become priests and clerics. Others spend days, or weeks in silent vigil and never hear even a whisper.

The First Shadow

While worship of Sorath is common among the Tower Valians, there is another figure in Valian religion that almost rivals Sorath. Miirphys Arathorn the First Shadow. Miirphys is looked upon as a holy warrior and savior of their people, and God.

It is said that Miirphys cracked the sky, turned the day into night, and allowed the shadow to enter the world. Along with the shadow came God, Sorath. But doing so weakened Miirphys to the point of exhaustion, and then the Creatures of Light struck. They shot beams of Light that pierced the shadow and killed Miirphys. So enraged by this Sorath turned all the Creatures of Light into ash. The ash of these creatures still falls till this day, a testament to the power of Sorath.

The Shadow God


Those chosen by Sorath, who have chosen the path of Shadow, and heard the Whispers at the Door gain divine powers. Sorath holds domain over Shadow and Storm.

Domain: Trickery, or Tempest


The First Shadow was a man of conviction. He fought a war with the sky, and won. He holds only one ideal: war. And as such he only has one domain.

Domain: War

Valian Gods

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