Shadow of Darkvale

You have chosen the path of Shadow. Whether you came upon it later in life or where born there, the eternal twilight of Darkvale calls to you. Do truly believe in the Ways of Shadow or are just using it to further your own goals? Either way you have chosen to accept the Shadow into your soul, and this has given you certain…advantages.

Skill Proficiencies: Investigation, Deception

Tool Proficiencies: Poisoner’s Kit, Forgery Kit

Equipment: A cloak with a hood, 3 vials of Assassin’s Blood, and 15gp in a belt pouch.

Special: It’s only politics

Everyone has a skeleton in their closet, and you know just where to look to find it. When you fail to convince a person to see your way, you often can figure out another way to make them see your way. This information comes from your personal observations of the target, rumors, or blessings from the Shadow. The DM might rule that the Target is actually too good to have easy to find secrets and they require an adventure to acquire, or that the target simply have none.



You are an expert at moving through the shadows. You gain the following:

  • You can try to hide when you are light obscured from the creature from which you are trying to hide
  • When you are hidden from a creature and miss with a ranged weapon attack, making the attack doesn’t reveal your position
  • Dim light doesn’t impose disadvantage on your wisdom(perception) checks relying on sight.

Shadow of Darkvale

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