Orlong Gods

Time of Chains

Long ago the Orlong people were subjugated and enslaved by their Gods. These Gods where violent, plotting, scheming, and vicious. The Orlong call this time in their history the Time of Chains, when the people were bound by their terrible rulers.

Eventually, the Gods where overthrown by the Orlong. A single night of blood and fire was it it took to dethrone their Gods. This was the first and last time the Orlong have ever united as a whole. This Night of Breaking is the only holy day the Orlong observe, and is the day of the New moon. This also happens to be the day they allow their slaves a chance at freedom by combat.

The Gods themselves where cast down, and buried deep within the Earth. According to Orlong belief the three largest mountains, in the range that borders the Laevalian lands, are home to their Broken Gods.

Common curses among the Orlong are, “May you be bound to serve.”, and “I hope the Gods are watching you.”

Worship to Bind

The Orlong worship their Gods not to praise and ask for power, or forgivness, but to keep their Gods buried, and broken. Rituals and rites are performed often to keep the strength of the Broken Gods sapped, and weak. Priests among them are considered saviors, and held is great esteem. A cleric draws the power away from the Broken Gods so that the Gods can’t use it themselves to rise again.

During their Raids the priests stay in camp and pray the following battle doesnt wake the Broken. Once the raides are over, the Priests will heal any wounded and perform binding rituals on the slaves taken. Killing or taking priests during raids is heavily frowned upon, as they are the only thing keeping the Broken Gods from returning.

The Broken Gods

Vile jaw

Vile Jaw was the most war-like of the Orlong Gods. He was at constant war with anything he didn’t have bound to himself. He is always depicted has covering the lower half of his face, either with armor, or clothes. Never defeated in combat, until the Night of Breaking.

Vile Jaw is the least hated among the Orlong. His ways reflect how the Orlong live now, just on a more brutal and totalitarian level. He didn’t care how you served, as long as you served.

Domain: War


The forger of the Chains that bound the Orlong. He was similiar to Vile Jaw, in that he wished to enslave the world. He invented chains, and used to the bind the world to himself. It is said that when a man dies while enslaved, he is forever bound to Ironstorm.

The breaking of the chains is when the Storms started. The dust that falls is the chains shattering around the world.

Domain: Tempest

Contessa Pride

The most feared, and hated among the Broken Gods. She used magic to force the Orlong into subjugation, warping their minds and taking their will. Even chains arent as bad as what Pride did with magic.

It is beleived that when the Night of Breaking came the Orlong focused so much of their anger and aggression on the Contessa that she was actually killed, and the mountain that holds her down is more of a tombstone. Because of this magic no longer runs through the blood of the Orlong, or so they say.

Domain: Knowledge

Orlong Gods

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