“His name has not been heard, but it would be a name worth hearing.”

To the south deep within the Lidor mountains lies the Otak Heights. A region of hills, cliffs, and rugged terrain. Herds of animals spanning the size of cities roam here, and wolfs the size of horses hunt them. And amongst all this fury live the Orlong. A race of hearty, tough, and stoic people. Each Orlong is born nameless, and stay this way until they accomplish a deed worthy of a name. Often an Orlongs’ name will change multiple times during their lives. A deed is only worthy if it has a witness, and so many nameless refuse to travel alone.

Tribal Nature

The Orlong live in more of a tribal situation, where the most accomplished among them claim leadership, and those below the leader form a hierarchy based on their deeds. The nameless fill in the bottom, lower caste.

The Orlong tend to take in slaves when they raid outside their lands, or when raiders are captured on their territory. The slaves Orlong take are allowed to fight for their freedom in a ritualistic form of combat. Once a day each month the Slaves are allowed to challenge their owners to combat in the Circle. The victor is declared when one combatant dies, or gives in. If the slave wins they gain their freedom, and that of one other slave. If the Orlong wins the slave forfeits its right to the Circle for the rest of his life. This day is called the Night of Breaking.

The Orlong identify themselves very heavily on their tribes. These Tribes are almost always at war. Raids come to the Orlong tribes regularly, and retaliation is a way of life. Each Orlong Tribe takes a unique name based on the deeds of the Tribe itself, similiar to how each individual games a Name. An example may be the Sky Arrows, who claim they can shoot so far that it appears the sky has let loose a hail of arrows.

No Arcane Magic

There are no such thing as mages among the Orlong. There has never been a natural magic user among the Orlong. Though this hasnt stopped them from capturing and enslaving magic users in their clans. Most clans have a cadre of mages kept enslaved for use in everday life. Most raids the Orlong conduct outside their land is mainly used to get more magic users.

Even though they have no natural magic abilities some of the Orlong still are born with the Brands.

The Orlong peopel do have Priests and Clerics, and they hold them in the highest regard. Killing, or enslaving their Priests is considered a warcrime, and the offending people must be wiped out entirely.


  • Ability Score: +2 STR
  • Age : Same as humans
  • Speed: 30 feet
  • Languages: Common and Orlong
  • Powerful Build: You count as one size category larger when determining you carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift.
  • Refusal to die: You have advantage on the first death saving throw you make. You can only use this once, until you get a long rest.

Sub Races

" After some time I thought the whites of their eyes where the only thing not covered in the blood of my friends. I was soon proven wrong as they turned to leave. "

The Grey-Back Orlong tribe claims to be fearless. The say that a Grey-Back Orlong has never fled from Battle, or even gone so far as turn their backs to a fight. After a long fought battle the only thing not covered in the blood of their enemies are their backs.

  • Ability Score: +1 Con
  • Fearless: You have advantage on all saving throws against being frightened.
  • Intimidating Presence: You gain Proficiency in the Intimidate(Charisma) skill

“It rained arrows, I swear it. We never even saw the enemy before we were routed.”

The Sky-Arrow Tribe prides it self on their skill in the bow. It is said that even the lowest of the Sky-Arrows can hit a diving hawk out of the air with a single arrow. They like to weaken their enemies with arrows before going in to finish the deed, but usually their enemies don’t last that long.

  • Ability Score: +1 Dex
  • Way of the Arrow: You are proficient with all short, and long bows. Once per short rest when you shoot a bow at your 2nd range increment you don’t have disadvantage.
  • Keen Eyes : You are proficient in the Perception(Wisdom) skill.

“The moon never rose on that fateful night, and neither did the alarm”

The Black-Star clan work mostly at night. They are taught from an early age how to use the shadows and stealth to strike their enemies when they least expect it, and to make sure that single strike counts. This training includes knowledge on where to strike to inflict the most damage, and how to use the battlefield itself as a weapon.

  • Ability Score: +1 Int
  • Make it Count: The first attack you make with a melee weapon during a surprise round, or coming out of hiding deal max damage. This can only be done once between long rests.
  • Silent Steps: You are proficient in the Stealth(dexterity) skill.

“That Orlong, he dropped my horse with a single blow. No Borith, I tell the truth he didn’t even a weapon.”

As the name goes, the Steal-Fist Tribe forgo all weapons. Instead they train their fists by striking trees, then stone, and eventually steel. Its easy to think you caught the Steel-Fists unprepared, though that’s a deadly mistake.

*Ability Score: +1 Con

  • Steal Fist Training: You are proficient with your unarmed strikes, and they deal 1d6 damage.
  • Power Lifter: You are considered one size larger when it comes to grappling.

“I saw an Orlong wandering the desert. I asked his name, and he told me he has no chains.”

The Nameless are Orlong who have either chosen not to take a name, or have yet to earn theirs. Those who have chosen to shun the ways of their people are usually left with out a tribe, kicked from their lands, and ostracized by their people. The ones who haven’t heard their names but are still trying tend be looked down upon as children, no matter their age.

  • Ability Score: +1 to any mental score.
  • Unbound: You can occaisnally shrug off injury that would kill a lesser man. When you take damage you can use your reaction to roll 1d12 and add your Con, then reduce the damage you would take by this amount. You can only do this once between a long or short rest.
  • On my own: You are proficient in the Survival(wisdom) skill.


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