Dust Weaver

It is said that some born during a Dust Fall are chosen by the storm. That the child is blessed to lead the Storms though the lands. Some say the appearance of a Dust Weaver is a sign of an approaching Dust Fall. Or, others say that the child is cursed to forever walk in the path of destruction caused by the Dust Falls. Either way the creation of a Dust Weaver is shrouded in mystery. What ever the reason, you where born a Dust Weaver. You have the power to shape the magical energies flowing through the Dust. Usually a Dust Weaver is a combat master, making her weapons from her will and her abilities. Though, that always isnt the case. Which ever you choose to be, you control the Dust.


Tool Proficiencies: Proficient with all tools, weapons, and equipment made from dust.

Equipment: Three Pouches of Dust

Special: Dust Weaving


While in a Dust Storm, you are considering as having unlimited supply of Dust, and all your attacks are made with advantage.

Special Feat: Master of the Storm

You have special connection to the Dust Falls. This empowers you in a way that only Dust Weavers understand. You can use dust to create any kind of object you can think of. Any weapon you create is considered magic, and uses the same damage as a weapon of its kind.

  • At 1st level you can create small objects such as weapons, and tools, and they last rounds per level.
  • At 4th level you can create objects of medium size Doors, barrels, carts, and walls.
  • At 8th Level you can create objects of Large size such as a small house, and they last minutes per level.
  • At 12th level you can create objects of Giant Sized such as an Inn, or large barn.
  • At 16th Level you can create objects of Colossal size such as a Castle or mansion, and they last hours per level.
  • At 20th Level there is no limit to the size of objects you can create, and they last as long as you will it to last.

Dust Weaver

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