Dust Chaser

The rush and feel of that powder running through your veins is what got you started. You are Chaser. A rare creature capable of snuffing a pinch of Dust to enhance your senses. The Dust makes you faster, stronger, smarter, and better looking. Well, at least while your supply lasts. Being a Chaser is similar to being a Weaver, its something you are born with. There might be more Chasers out there than people think, not everyone decides to try and snuff Dust to see if they are gifted. For normal people, snuffing Dust is highly addicting, and damaging. Luckily for you, you get all off the benefits and none of the withdrawals.


Skill Proficiencies: Two of your Choice

Tool Proficiencies: One of your Choice

Languages: One Language of your choice.

Equipment: A tin of Dust containing 10 pinches, tools of your choice, a shovel, an iron pot, and a pouch containing 3gp

Special: Chasers Cant

Whether its through the black market, or legitimate means you know how to find Dust Traders. Secret code carved on the sides of buildings, in fences, and notched in inn bed posts tell you everything you need to know about a cities Dust stores, who to buy from, and anyone who you shouldn’t trust. If you cant find the code, or the city has none you know the best places to put the code for other Chasers to discover. You also know a secret hand signal that only other Chasers know.


Chasing the Storm
You can snuff a pinch of Dust to enhance yourself. When you chase a pinch of Dust you gain one Dust Point. When ever you make an attack roll, an ability check or a saving throw you can spend one Dust Point to roll an additional d20. You can choose to spend one of your Dust Points after you roll the die, but before the outcome is determined. You can choose which of the d20s is used for the attack roll, ability check, or saving throw.

You can also spend one Dust Point when an attack roll is made against you. Roll a d20 and then choose whether the attack uses the attackers roll, or yours.

If more than one creature spends a Dust Point to influence the outcome of a roll, the points cancel each other out; no additional dice are rolled.

You can Chase up to three pinches of Dust in a day before you start to feel the effects of Overdusting. If you do four before a long rest you take disadvantage on all Wisdom checks. After 5+ you become poisoned.

Dust Chaser

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