“I was not born. I was not made. I am. "

The only people who are born knowing the reason of their creation: To restore balance to the world. This one statement permeates their culture. The D’sura know their purpose but they lack the understanding on how to achieve their one goal. This has caused much tension among the D’sura. Another feature all the D’sure share is that they all look the same. All the males have identical physical features, same face, hair, height. And the same goes for the women. Yet, the personality of each D’sura is unique, and most of them alter their appearance to their liking. Tattoos, dyes, and even scarification are common methods the D’sura take stand out, and self identify.


The D’sura have 2 different classifications. In D’suran they are called Hunters, and Soldiers. For ease and to try to blend into normal society the D’sura have taken to calling these two classifications and Male and Female. In Common they are called “him” and “her”.

The hunters are the “males”. The males are actually smaller than the females, but are more muscle bound. They have horns on their head, and their skin produces a soft white hair. This hair has a disorienting effect on creatures other than the D’sura.

The Soldiers also known as the females are tall, lithe with a snake bottom half. This snake half allows them to strike quickly before anyone else can react.

When the D’sura gather, they automatically start to form Ranks based on their time and experience on Shylero. It almost is entirely non-verbal, and happens naturally with no thoughts on the matter. Each D’sura knows where they stand in rank to each other D’sura.

Blood Sleep

There are no D’sura children. The D’sura arent born as normal races are. They spontaneously come into being. They come into this world with one thought in their heads, and that is to Restore The Balance. When a D’sura appears it can be anywhere in the world, and usually is violent. The D’sura come into being fully grown, armed to the teeth, and already swinging. The D’sura call this the Blood Sleep. Any where between an hour, to a month the D’sura will come out of their Blood Sleep. At this point, they gain consciousness, the ability to think, and feel. In a daze, the D’sura will not have remembered anything they did during their Blood sleep. They have no memory of before their moment of awakening. They don’t even know their own name. All a recently awakened D’sura knows is how to fight, or cast magic.

The Balance

There are many ideas among the D’suran scholars about what The Balance really is. The biggest rift among their people is where you stand pertaining to this idea of balance. One school of thought thinks that in order to be created a D’sura has to repay their creator with blood. So, a D’sura will stay in a blood sleep, repaying his balance to their god in blood. A D’sura must pay life for life.

Others believe that Balance is the name of their god, and he must be brought back to life. Though, the D’sura don’t know how to achieve this, they think their goals in life should be to fine a way to bring back the divine. To save their God.

Finally, the last of the more popular theories: the balance is within. These D’sura think they are created out of pure violence, and that they must find the balance within themselves to ascend. They point to the blood sleep as proof of this concept. They start out unknowing and unwittingly violent, and its not until they awaken to peace that they stop the destruction. The next awakening for the D’sura will come when they achieve inner-balance again.


The D’sura tend to either be nomadic, wandering from place to place trying to find others of their kind, and a path in life. Others spend time as hermits, or on the outskirts of society just trying to survive.

A lot of D’sura find themselves being kicked from towns and villages because of the stigma that their creation has given them. Though, this isn’t always the case. Some people accept the D’sura into their cultures, for protection, or just out of kindness.


  • Ability Score: +2 Int
  • Age: D’sura do not age. And are immune to age altering effects
  • Speed: 30 feet
  • Languages: Common and D’sura.
  • Multiple Arms: Both the Hunter and Soldiers of the D’sura have four arms. These arms are located below their normal arms. The lower arms are not strong enough to hold weapons, or shields, but they are capable of find dexterous manipulations such as casting magic, retrieving items, and drinking potions.
  • Know Your Place: Each D’sura instinctively know how strong they are compared to other D’sura they can see.

Sub Races


The Hunters are 5 feet 8 inches tall. They have Horns on their head and a golden hue to their skin, when it shows. Covering the Hunter are fine white hairs. These hairs seem soft when touched, but can be quiet irritating to anyone when airborne.

  • Ability Score: +1 str
  • White Hairs: Once per long rest you can use your reaction to shoot white hairs off your body when you are struck with a melee attack. These hairs cause everyone in a 5 foot radius to become Poisoned for 1d4 rounds. If they pass a Con Save equal to 10+ your Proficiency Bonus + your Con they are only poisoned for one round.


The Soldiers, or females are snake like creatures. The top half is human female looking, though they are missing breasts, and a belly button. Their face is feminine and they have long flowing black hair. Their snake half is a dark green. Total length of a soldier is about 12 feet, though standing on as high as the D’sura can, they reach 6 foot 6 inches.

  • Ability Score: +1 Dex
  • Snake Strike: Once per short rest you can use your action to make a melee attack with at a creature up to 15 feet away.


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