Embedded into your skin is a tattoo of power. A mark you where born with, or acquired later in life through Dust Branding. The mark looks like a normal tattoo, until you reach within yourself to access its power. So far only twelve Dust Brands have been found, though rumors are that there are more.


Skill Proficiencies: Any two of your Choice

Tool or Weapon Proficiencies: Any one of your Choice

Equipment: Basic clothing, one Tool of your choice, and 5gp.

Special: One of the Marked

A Dust Brand is a telltale sign of how powerful you are. The Least Dust Brands are small and easily hidden like a tattoo. The more powerful you become, the larger and more noticeable the Brands become. Once you have acquired the Greater Dust Brand the markings cover almost your entire body and are impossible to hide. For good or ill people will react to your Brands accordingly.

Feat: Branded
When you first get this feat you gain the spells under the least column. At 5th level you gain access to the Lesser Dust Column. At 9th level you gain access to the Greater Dust Brand. Each spell can only be cast once between long rests, and is cast at its lowest level.

Brand Ability Least Lesser Greater
Detection Wisdom Dectect Magic, Mage hand Detect Thoughts Clairvoyance
Finding Wisdom Identify, Mage Hand Locate Object Clairvoyance
Handling Wisdom Druidcraft, spead with animals Beast Sense Conjure Animals
Healing Wisdom Cure Wounds, spare the dying Lesser Restoration Revivify
Hospitality Charisma Friends, unseen servant rope trick leomund’s tiny hut
Making Intelligence Identify, mending Magic weapon Fabricate
Passage Intelligence Expeditious Retreat, Light Misty Step Teleportation Circle
Scribing Intelligence Comprehend Languages. message Sending Tongues
Sentinel Wisdom Blade Ward, Compelled Duel Blur Protection from Energy
Shadow Charisma Dancing Lights, Disguise Self Darkness Nondetection
Storm Intelligence Fog Cloud, shocking grasp Gust of wind sleet storm
Warding Intelligence Alarm, resistance Arcane lock Magic circle


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